This composite drawing gives a good general idea of the bathing scenes on the North Shore in the summer. On the right hand side is the Vendries' House hostelry [nearly opposite the south gate of Clarence Dock]. Beyond is one of the old Shore Mills which stood near what was called the Wishing Gate. Farther on is the Townsend Mill [opposite Bramley-Moore Dock]. What was called the North Shore commenced at the bottom of Chapel Street and stretched northwards into a wilderness of sandhills. The first projecting building were the Fort and Barracks, erected 1781, opposite Denison Street; they existed until 1820. The shore opposite what was later the Princes Dock, was not very inviting. It was stony and muddy, the good, hard sand not commencing until passing the fort. The old Fort and the Ladies Walk were the chief resort of the north-end fashionable gentry. Up to 1830, Liverpool was the most popular bathing town on the Lancashire coast, with a full mile of bathing machines.