Licence Information

Personal use includes:

Peronal use [Cat A] private home display; student reports, theses and dissertations whether published online or, as printed copy.

Educational use [Cat B] educational and academic use in lectures or classroom display; non-profit and charitable purposes; museum exhibition or display, such as static banners, electronic or interactive media.

Commercial use includes:

Corporate use [Cat C] - such as wall decoration in boardrooms, hotel rooms or public areas, company stationery, flyers, annual and shareholder reports, bulletins, coupons, pamphlets, training material [video, intranet], company cheques and credit cards, giveaways [T shirts, mouse mats, mugs, calendars].

Marketing use [Cat D] – such as trade shows; events, brochures, programmes, billboards, tickets, flyers, business cards and other creative or promotional collateral.

Retail use [Cat E] – including in-store displays, clothing and textiles, product packaging, labels and CD, DVD, game and video inserts.

Advertising [Cat F] – for example cinema and television commercials and infomercials, printed media advertisements, mail shots, posters, print displays and directory placements.

Editorial use includes:

Publishing [Cat G] – in particular use of images within books, magazines or newspapers, [paper or electronic, front cover or internal] or whether for single or multiple usage or single or multiple languages.

Broadcasting [cat H] – includes all electronic media such as transmission of images via film, television or video plus use in websites, apps, games software, social media and live theatre and includes set design, title sequences, promotional trailers and educational, news or documentary usage.

Download pricing structure for digital images.

Use your customer account to pay for and download high resolution image files directly from the site. All high-resolution images are supplied in jpeg (jpg) format and with a minimum dimension of 4500x3182 pixels (A4 ratio, landscape or equivalent in portrait).These scans are suitable for most uses, but please do contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Prices depend on usage, audience, duration and number of reproductions.

You will see the price calculation as you go through the online ordering process. If your required usage is not listed then please do not hesitate to contact us.

HistoPIC must be acknowledged in a suitable place, such as alongside the image, wherever used.

All uses of our images are subject to supply and reproduction fees.

Supply fee

VAT is not charged on the supply fee.

No further fee is payable for the purchase of a high resolution image if required for personal use, research or study.

Reproduction fee

In addition to the supply fee, reproduction fees are payable for commercial and editorial use and direct reproduction of our images, including publication, display and broadcast in various media.

UK customers will be charged VAT on reproduction fees.

Reproduction licence fees vary depending on how long the images will be used for.

All reproduction rights sold by us can be calculated on-line within the shopping basket. When you place images in your basket, you will be asked a series of questions about your intended usage. The total fee is then automatically calculated. The action of calculating a price in no way commits you to purchase.