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You may have been drawn to this site through a fascination with local history, art and architecture. Perhaps you are visiting to immerse yourself in the life, times and adventures of your ancestors as you track your family tree. Or maybe your passion is old sail and steamships, or the pioneering days of the railways! Whatever your reason for exploring our images of long lost Liverpool, we feel sure you will be impressed by the amazing archive of historical pictures that find their home on HistoPic.

What’s our story?

Everyone has history to share, passed down through generations in memories, old stories, artefacts and artwork.

The HistoPic story begins in the early 1990s, when Nigel Green, whose vision and determination inspired the birth of the Mersey River Festival and who was the driving force behind the tall ships’ visit to Liverpool in both 1984 and 1992, elected to document the social history of the city of his birth through its 800 years existence. Proprietorship of the world renowned Liverpool Athenaeum Club afforded him access to a unique collection of material…original pictures, prints, maps and literature. He set about gathering, cataloguing, photographing and sorting the vast array of information at his disposal. This epic task, in which his research spread far and wide, took several years to reach completion. The result was more than 1000 slides and many chapters of written material intended for inclusion in a series of books. Sadly, for reasons beyond his control, the original book [titled ‘Living In Liverpool Past’], and two pictorial histories never made it to the bookstore shelves and the slides began to gather dust at the publisher’s office.

Years passed before their retrieval in 2013 after which the ‘NGG Archive’ passed to Nigel’s son, John Green. Teaming up with photographer Roger Ellison, HistoPic was formed in 2014 and the entire NGG Archive was given a new digital life to form the basis of this fantastic collection. And drawing upon the original research, each image is supplemented with background detail describing the scene and the events depicted.

Histopic is a gateway for millions of people, from different generations, cultures and places, to look through a window into Liverpool’s exciting past and to own a slice of its unique and colourful history.

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We hope you enjoy our website and uncover that particular image which holds a special meaning to you, a friend or loved one.

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