This street almost certainly took its name from a Roger James, a master shipwright who lived there. He was described by Sir Edward Moore as 'a very honest man'. Coming from one of the largest property owners in the town who was not renowned for eulogy, this was praise indeed. After Pool Lane, this was the principal thoroughfare from the Castle to the shore. According to Brownbill & Annals: it was originally formed in 1676. 19 houses were assessed in 1708. In a storm in 1768, the bowsprit of the ship 'Wheel of Fortune' was driven through the middle window of a house at the bottom of the street. In 1766, William Gregson, a prominent merchant lived there. He was Mayor in 1769. 'Gregson's Well' at the top of Brunswick Road, Everton, still preserves his name. Improvements started in James Street in 1828.

Image details: WG Herdman