St Mary's, the Chapel of the School for the Indigent Blind, Duncan Street,  later Hotham Street. c. 1835. The church, designed by architects  John Foster Sr & John Foster Jr. was consecrated on 6 October 1819 after its foundation stone had been laid precisely one year earlier on 6 October 1818. The site was needed by the railway to Lime Street, so the church was taken down in July 1850 and moved - brick by brick - to the corner of Hardman Street and Hope Street, next to the new premises for the School for the Blind, then under construction. The church was re-consecrated on 25 May 1851. The blind pupils began lessons in their new school on 11 July 1851.  It was directly connected with the School for the Blind by a short underground passage.

Image details: Engraved by Lowry from a drawing by Harwood